Business Development

Clovis designs innovative, results-oriented Business Development Services that fit and support your key business initiatives. We take a proactive approach to define strategic and emerging markets for client-driven products and services by identifying barriers to market entry. From there we design and implement an effective sales strategy so you can penetrate new markets. Clovis offers over 35 years of expertise in the field identifying and developing prospective strategic client relationships that will allow your company to grow and adapt to future market changes.

Marketing & Sales

Clovis specializes in introducing new, innovative products and services to the market. Marketing and sales is an expensive part of business, and we believe that experienced strategic market planning is vital to success. We help our clients develop new markets and introduce effective marketing and sales strategies across a broad range of high-growth and emerging industries by defining, assisting, creating, and implementing high-impact solutions that will drive business growth and boost profits.

freeimage-4175532-highWe find that a large number of companies have forgotten the basics about marketing and sales. When clients need assistance in marketing and sales, it is usually because they lost focus or they allocated financial resources for other needs. Or, they simply recognized that they need help from a company that offers a broad range of experience like Clovis, who can expedite their ability to get their products to the market in a cost-effective way. We bring balance and fundamental thinking back to the corporate business platform, which allows you to “get it right the first time,” especially on new product introduction.

We designed our marketing programs to actively support the “boots on the ground” — those that are face to face with your customers. We focus our clients’ resources on proven concepts that will make things happen, and we don’t wait around and hope that your phone will ring or that you will get a hit on the Internet…. We certainly rely on web-based marketing, but that is just part of what we do.