Contractor Revenue Recovery

Most Contractors are aware that many states, including the State of Texas, have implemented public adjusting licensing laws. These laws supposedly seek to create better protection for the public and improve the professionalism and experience level of those that represent themselves as public adjusters in the state.

banner01Many contractors have a high level of expertise in their profession and in the past have been able to speak for an insured in negotiating the settlement of the claim to assure that the insured receives claim amounts sufficient to repair the damage. The State Legislature recently determined that a contractor providing this assistance is acting as a public adjuster without a license and is now prohibited from providing this type of assistance to the insured.

Under these new laws passed in 2013, a contractor is also prohibited from being a public adjuster if they are hired to perform contractor repair services to the property. Several insurance company representatives have already taken the position to ignore any contractor representatives negotiating the claims settlement on behalf of the insured.

These new laws are designed to isolate the insured from valuable “real world” costs to repair information; including the claims settlement process and further resulting in deficient claim settlement amounts. These new laws will ultimately force the insureds into accepting reduced settlements, denied claims or utilizing “cheap contractors” to provide substandard materials and repairs. The insureds and good contractors lose and big insurance wins!

wind-and-hail-damage-300x225Clovis Resources provides a unique revenue recovery “business model” for approved contractors that will allow them to utilize our business resources to work directly with the insured when their claim is denied or the settlements are deficient. We can evaluate claims, consult on ways to present claims to an insurance company and make recommendation on how an insured should proceed. Our services will enhance the settlement of these problematic claims with the insured and hopefully enhance the contractor customer relationship. We can help increase your profitability by turning “lost sales opportunities” into new viable prospective sales. There are no up-front fees charged to the contractor or the insured for our services.

If you are a contractor that generally works with a customers’ insurance company adjuster and have experienced unreasonable delays, denied claims or even undervalued settlements, you need to do something about it! An insurance company can seem that they are the worlds greatest experts at everything until they have to pay a claim and let’s face it, they don’t get to be huge companies by paying out a lot of claims.

Over the years, Insurance companies have continually targeted contractors to further isolate them from their prospective customers so they can “deal with the less informed insured” to accept what they believe to be a fair settlement. The insurance company does not want the contractor to advise or act as a representative to the insured even though in most cases that contractors advice is free to the insured. They actually take the position that most contractors are unethical in their sales practices and unqualified to render an opinion regarding damages and costs of repairs.

How many times have you spent money sending out your sales representative to a confirmed appointment to meet an insurance adjuster and the adjuster never shows up and never returns calls to reschedule? Your customer is not in “good hands” when they have to deal with the insurance adjuster alone and trust that the claim is submitted properly to the insurance customer. Most insurance policies are riddled with convoluted language that is meant to leave policyholders in the dark.

Contractor Benefits

  • Clovis will make every effort to preserve the contractor / customer relationship throughout the claim recovery process.
  • In most cases, Clovis will turn that lost sales opportunity into a “Paid Claim” and a “Closed” sale for the contractor.
  • Clovis will enhance the possibilities of securing a satisfied customer leading to future repeat business and more sales referrals.
  • The services that Clovis offers will remove your company from a potentially adversarial relationship with an insurance company or its claims adjuster representatives.
  • There is NO RISK on your part. If we recover the claim and you perform the repair work for the customer, you will then owe us a very reasonable fee.
  • If you are paying high rates for claims recovery – we will save you a significant amount of money and time!