Management Consulting

Clovis offers cost-effective business management solutions that will maximize revenue, generate growth, and solidify a sustainable competitive edge in domestic and global markets. Our management resources allow our customers to create or expand their network of strategic business relationships to support key business initiatives. We provide strong, proven, dynamic leadership with a creative entrepreneurial spirit.

Marketing and Sales

We specialize in the introduction of new proprietary products and services. We define and implement marketing, sales, and service programs that target existing and emerging markets, including:

  • New Product Introduction
  • Direct Sales Programs
  • Development of Distribution / Dealer Networks
  • Product Licensing

We also offer support services including:

  • Website Design
  • Web Management
  • Production Video
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Development of Sales Literature

Manufacturing Capability

Our manufacturing resources include fabrication, machining, tooling, electro-mechanical controls, and software design. We also provide prototype design build services (or “one-offs”), all the way to full service production manufacturing.

Project Management

Project management resources include

  • operations management
  • procurement
  • vendor relationships
  • engineering design support
  • asset management
  • implementation of service support strategies
  • concept / prototype design to finished product testing
  • technical services

Contract Negotiations

Our company provides exceptional “high level” corporate contract negotiation expertise allowing our clients to develop solid long-term business relationships with prospective customers, distributors, vendors, licensees, or when selling intellectual property to a third party.

Team Building

We provide our clients with in-depth expertise to recognize which players may need to be developed or enhanced with additional assistance. Or we may recommend realigning or acquiring new players that can get the job done more efficiently.

We believe that experience, competency, trust, loyalty, creativity, efficiency, and competitiveness are essential in building a successful business platform. As we always say, “If you’re not really sold on your business direction, then how do you expect your employees to be sold on it?” We can help!

Business Planning

We design a business model to grow your company. We define certain goals, such as “Are you building a company for your family to take over someday?” or “Do you want to build a company to sell to another company in the future?” or “Do you have intellectual property to sell?” Your business plan needs to match what you intend to accomplish in the future, not what you are necessarily reacting to today. So, if your desire is to eventually sell your company or IP, then you need a plan that will help you enhance the value of the company or IP each year. This requires a proven successful strategy, and we can help.

Merger & Acquisition Strategies

We work with client companies on a confidential basis to target and introduce various companies, products, and technology opportunities to our client companies. This also includes individually-owned Intellectual Property rights.

Investment Capital Opportunities

We provide funding for opportunities on various projects that appeal to our core scope of expertise. This includes assisting our clients who seek alternative sources of investment capital for their projects. Qualified investors may also contact us for additional confidential information on current opportunities that we may be offering.